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Free Flash Disc with your thermal image (your house, your family or your pet) will be given to customer who recommend us to other customers.

Insulation Thermal Inspection

(1) Thermal inspection of upper floor ceiling (attic insulation)

(2) Thermal inspection of your cold room walls (up to 2 rooms)

(3) Thermal inspection of all windows and doors

(4) Thermal inspection of garage (heated garage only)

Pilot inspection holes on drywall could be drilled, inspected and then sealed (while caulking only)  at additional cost.  Start from $10 per inspection hole, depends on location of cold spot.

roof insulation which requires access to  attic will not be included in regular insulation thermal inspection, as special Personal Protective Equipment is required.

Air Quality and Duct Inspection

(1) Air quality sampling and test of all living area

(2) Thermal inspection of all hot air registers

(3) Free first 3 Snake inspection camera inspection (up-to 10 feet from entrance point) where you think are the dirtiest ducts/register

Inspection hole which requires drilling holes on duct will be professionally drilled and sealed at additional cost. Start from $10 per inspection hole, depends on location.

Electrical Inspection

Electrical Panel Inspection

Trouble Shotting (condition applied)

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