According to a recent survey, over 90% of Edmonton residence set their room temperature over 20 degree in winter. And surprisingly over 65% set room temperature over 22 degree.

But, what is your bedroom temperature? Your first impression will be what your temperature setting is. However there are several things may affect what you feel in your bedroom.

  1. Where is your room temperature sensor? Remember your temperature is set where the sensor is. The air flow and register location will significantly affect your actual feeling.
  2. Check your registers! If your bedroom registers are shut closed. No wonder it is cold in your bedroom.
  3. Clogged duct. Clogged duct means reduced hot air supply.
  4. Cold radiation in your bedroom. Defective wall or roof insulation. Cold draft due to poorly insulated window or door frames. Older type of windows and doors.
  5. Check your furnace and thermostat settings / manual.All Furnaces work the same way. To avoid fan cycling, the furnace kicks in when it sensors lower than LOW, and stops when it sensors higher than HIGH. Your room temperature is actually set in between the LOW and HIGH. The LOW might be 18 and HIGH might be 22 when your setting is 20.