Our previous post, “What is the insulation “R” value?” Click Here , mentioned that

R value = structure + material + workmanship + maintenance

Even under the newest, strictest Edmonton building code, home owners may still have could corners in brand new home due to POOR DESIGN and POOR WORKMANSHIP.

We have customer complaining about a 0 degree Celsius cold corner in his new home while it was -25 outside due to the cold air draft.

The first thing we found is the design issue. Due to the limited space left in the corner, and the fact the structure requires double 2X6 support. The only way to keep this area of house above freezing temperature is extremely good workmanship.

Today is -7 degree outside and home temperature was set at 22 degree. Here is the thermal picture of the cold corner.

The best could be done for now is make sure the door frame was perfectly foam insulated. The closed type of foam insulation will be the best, as air pockets are the best insulator. The try to put some wind stopper strips.

If it still now working, get better quality doors and even add one more duct register.