Today is December 14, 2016. Cold and clean.

Air quality in Edmonton South is good, but how is your rooms?


First I checked my register, looks that it blowing clean air to me all the time.


This is ok also in my basement, a little dusty though…


My little girl just run upstairs, left some dusty messy behind…

What is PM 2.5 and PM 10?


Who bad are those fine particles?


How to get clean air in your house?

  1. House location always come first, as you could see from the pollution map. South Edmonton is way better than East Edmonton industrial areas in normal days.
  2. The you need to change your furnace filter and air filter of your vehicle regularly
  3. Clean your duct regularly to get rid of pollutant from your HVAC system
  4. Minimize frying in your kitchen, or at least use good range hood and frying pan.
  5. Clean your floor and vacuum your carpet regularly.
  6. Use your dryer to clean the fine fibers.